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November 5, 2012


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:bulletorange: Horror Story Winner :bulletorange:
- CherokeeBilly with: Horror storyMegan, Ryan and Xavier are three best friends; the closest friends you'll ever meet. Ryan, being the oldest, always looked out for the other two. Our three friends share one thing in common...all three are orphans. Megan's parents died in a car accident when she was only a year old; Xavier's mother died at birth and his father died in the army. Ryan's dad murdered his wife, then shot himself.
All three incidents happened just three years apart. Each has something ripped from their souls that takes a while to For years, no one has loved them, no one wanted to adopt them because they were different; in a good way.
Our story takes place in a small town located just South of Illinois in a small orphanage. Here we have our three friends sitting on the steps of the building on a hot Saturday afternoon. "I hate that there's always something to do, but yet, there's nothing to do." Megan complained. "Hey! Maybe we can check out that ghost story that's the talk of town!" Xavier, the

:bulletblack: Costume Winner :bulletblack:
ElleRochelle with: Hawkeye for Halloween! :D by ElleRochelle

:bulletorange: Horror Poem Winner :bulletorange:
ElleRochelle with: The Artist's Gallery
The canvas is as smooth as skin
The paint a dark, blood red
Each fiber on every paintbrush
As if plucked from someone's head
Each tiny little detail
Drawn with a delicate hand
Each magnificent painting
Placed on a bone-white stand
The Artist's amazing Gallery
Is a bright and welcoming place
But there is something unnerving
About the look on the Artist's face
Hunger is the look he gives
Behind those dark, cold eyes
Though the friendly smile on his crooked lips
Could fool those passersby
His smile grows even wider
When his eyes lock on mine
He starts walking my way
A chill runs up my spine
"Welcome!" he says with open arms
Inviting me to look around
"I hope you enjoy The Gallery."
My heart begins to pound
"Don't worry, my dear!" he smiles
My hands grow cold with sweat
The Artist whispers in my ear
"You'll be my greatest masterpiece yet."

-The Runner-Up: Ssu-Chan with: The Wolf's CallLeaves crackle at every step you take
The wind is stuck to that persistent howl
It's cold but there's no sign of a snowflake
Just the scream of the wolf on its prowl
You reach the fallen building soon enough
Your legs are tired from all that running
You force open the door, even though it's tough
But you had to get away by using your cunning
The stairs are sagging under your weight
But you didn't stop, you didn't care
You could feel it- that bubbling hate
You notice something suddenly, crawling in your hair
A spider, a monstrosity, is skittering on your head
You grab and throw it away, starting to run again
The building was like a maze, your legs now felt like lead
But you had to get away from him, and those other men
You look at a clock hung up, ticking as you passed by
It is two o'clock, much too late to be up and about
But you cannot stop, not now, the pressure made you cry
You feel a hand on your shoulder, letting out a shout
A sinking feeling in your heart was all you could feel

:bulletblack: Pumpkin Decoration Winner :bulletblack:
Tsarina-Nereid with: Hello Kitty Pumpkins by Tsarina-Nereid

-The Runner-Up: WhizzPop with: Pumpkin by WhizzPop

Thank you to all those that participated!
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ElleRochelle Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012   Writer
WOO HOO!!!! I literally wrote that poem in like 20 minutes and put the costume together in a day lol YAAAAAY!! :D
valleigh Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student Writer
you did good, i write all of my poems fast, they suck if i put to much time into them
ElleRochelle Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012   Writer
Thanks! I just got the idea and let it flow :D
valleigh Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student Writer
that is what i do to
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