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stuck like glue
  your eyes always remind me
 that I do belong
  though I can't see it yet
  they are the light that pull me
 out of the dark
  without you is like I'm dying
  I need you to survive
 going through the lonely streets at night
  wishing you were here by my side
  you have me stuck like glue
  to you, to you
 i'm no longer blue
 crying  you, coz of you
  your lips are as pale and pure
 as a rose
 i need to feel them now
 i like the way your falls
 and frames your pretty face
 without you i can't stop crying
 i need you to survive
 going through the lonely streets at night
 wishing you were here by my side
 you have me stuck like glue
 like glue to you
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    As I try and sleep tonight, two things come into my mind. One is my economics test tomorrow, and the other is about my writing.
    All I did, had done and will do, revolved around some sort of romantic setting, usually with two different species involved. I knew not why, and for the longest of times, I didn't question it.
    So, after a year of animes and mangas, I still find myself preferring romantic settings with different species involved (often nekos, or otherwise.) I asked myself, about two weeks ago, "Why do I enjoy this?"
The questions sprang about in my head: "Is it because I cannot understand what 'love' means?"; "Is it because of my fascination with the possibility of other sentient species?"; "Or perhaps, it just differs from the norm, and it intrigues me more and more?"
    Then, I hadn't an idea of what it meant or what it was. But tonight, I think I finally understand. The romance, the Romeo & Juliet, the youkai and the h
:iconelysian-prince:Elysian-Prince 0 0
1984 Through Music
                                  1984 Through Music
        Music has the ability to either reflect or inspire with just a simple tune or complicated melody. Whether it comes from an mp3 player, phonograph, or a live band, people constantly turn to music to release the day's stresses and inspire themselves with new ideas. A song has a power that allows anyone to interpret their own meaning and apply it to daily life. For Winston Smith, a Party member in George Orwell's 1984, music allows him to see simplicity and beautiful in a frightening, ugly, and utterly hopeless world. Through songs in the novel, Winston is able to hope for a brighter tomorrow, see respect for the true past, and highlight stronger negative emotions.
        Sometimes, music can be used to convey a sense of tragedy or negative emotion. It can reflect a broken spirit through a haunting melody or meaningful lyrics. Orwell plays on this in a scene where Winston sits in the Chestnut Tree Café. He observes three men, J
:icongoodtiming:GoodTiming 0 0
The Goddess's Forsaken Island - First Contact
The waterfall.
That's it. It should be over there.
Except it isn't.
Actually, wasn't there originally more than one? Like, three of them?
Not sure.
The elevator will be broken, of course.
I haven't been on the island many times, but I remember it quite well, from seeing it through my Goddess's eyes. This time, it will be the other way round. I was repairing my little house, just a normal house, and then I remembered the island. A long time ago, the Goddess left this world. It seems like the island has been deserted ever since.
(And then my Goddess says, I wonder if people settled on it.
That would be fun.
But I'm skeptical.)
The elevator is indeed broken. About half the wooden platform is gone, and there's water everywhere, flowing, I forgot to bring a bucket, there's no way I can get to the basement, never mind, it could be worse. At least there isn't any lava.
I swim away.
The waterfall is right there, and I'm not sure if that's where it's supposed to be. Never mind. It's a long way
:iconpwassonne:pwassonne 1 4
Si Vis Pacem
Before I begin, i'd like to say a few words to my fellow
readers/writers/whoever reads this. If you have read my stories in the
past, I urge you to at least read this. I send my most sincerest
apologies to everyone, for my lack of writing. As of late, i've been
getting an increasing number of people wishing for me to resume my
stories, namely my most popular ones, although, I don't blame them. I
myself have been wanting to write them for some time. But to try and
make everyone understand, a lot has been going on in my life, my
education, my ideals, and my influences. But, in interest of saving a
bit of time, and not to bore you with this, i'd like to say one last
Thank you all for being patient, and beautiful. :)
Now, I do not own Pokémon, nor shall I in the fores
:iconelysian-prince:Elysian-Prince 1 0
Through The Hole.. Poetry -Clive Blake of Cornwall by CliveBlake Through The Hole.. Poetry -Clive Blake of Cornwall :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 665 326 My Grandmother by meganapostol My Grandmother :iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 2 0
I have avoided the big picture,
Paid too much attention
To the small details
That mean little to nothing,
That shouldn't even be mentioned, -
That shouldn't even be something
That crosses my mind more than once;
Yet, here I am, pulling this stunt.
Straining my mind
And wasting my time
On this thoughts of mine
That keep me so preoccupied
In the dead of the night
As the rain falls with ease;
Trickling down my window pane,
Through the holes in the cieling,
Through my eyes that are itching,
Waiting for the lightning,
Waiting for the storm
That has kept me awake all night long.
And all I needed was you to keep me calm,
To remind me that those small details
Mean little to nothing,
Shouldn't even be mentioned,
Shouldn't even be something
That crosses my mind more than once.
All I need is reassurance,
For you to remind me how you feel,
To give me endurance
And remind me that this is real,
That there be no need for doubt;
That you are the sword
and I am the shield,
And together, we are impenetr
:icono0-rawrtastic-0o:o0-Rawrtastic-0o 2 0
Stiletto Tears
Their delicate arched shape gives
They are
and costly.
Their clicking sounds are just one in a chorus of many
clicking sounds.
Harsh and hollow on marble
soft and silent on carpet.
They know the way to work
the way home
but that is all
I hope they learn more....
They have never known
or felt the desire to achieve success.
I envy them for it.
They are the only ones who really know
how I withstand
how much I dream
what I aspire.
We fear the day they are scuffed
the day they break
the day the rain ruins them
the day I fail.
We will be happy
the day the scenery changes
the day we walk to new places
the places I dream about
the day success is achieved.
:iconaquariusemily:AquariusEmily 1 3
How to Critique Fiction
There is something that has been on my mind a lot, and that is many writer's desire for critiques on their works.  Often, in a social situation such as deviantART, this is a "critique-for-critique" trade process.  However, it often seems that people will just throw out some short excuse for a critique and expect some deep insights in reply.  Often, this is done without realization of what has happened, and I must admit I am no exception to this rule.  The purpose of this essay is to allow readers to expand on their critiqueing ability and in turn inspire others to critique at a higher level.
To do this, I propose a series of questions that each reader should ask themselves when they finish a writer's work.  They are quite simple to answer, and will give a writer insight on areas to clarify, what works and what doesn't, and what interests their readers.  The questions are as follows:
Were you ever bored?  Did you e
:iconzorenthewise:Zorenthewise 9 9
The Hard Work of Poetry
Poets are constantly crippled, creatively. It's the way it works. You write a line and, just now, right now, it seems like it's the best line in the world to date. It's a shiny, beautiful line, a thought, an image so remarkably profound that you are in awe of yourself, or (if you are a seasoned poet) in awe of that angelic being which sits on high in your mind and occasionally drops little scraps of poetic manna into your head. Now, you only need to write a poem around it.
And fail.
Because the poem takes over, sprouts a million legs and scurries in directions you had no real intention of it going – and now the Wondrous Line of Glory and Poetic Win doesn't fit. You have to either change it or take it out and save it for another poem. Or make it a haiku-like short poem on its own, so all those other words don't assault it again. If you're an experienced poet, you'll probably just store it in a .txt file or on a post-it note somewhere and lament it until you're old and nothing matte
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Summary: 16 years ago, the people of planet Cronos fought a terrible war against a merciless foe; the cronians survived, but their home was left in ruins. To this day the consecuenses of the war are still tormenting the people of Cronos. And if nothing changes they will all perish.

Meanwhile, 16 year old Aika from planet Earth is desperatly trying to cling to her normal life. Nothing has been the same since the day she woke up with a strange bracelet on her arm. The bracelet gave her the ability to transform into a magical girl. Luckily there are four other girls just like her, and together they have to fight mysterious monsters that have been showing up from nowhere. 

In a twist of fate Aika meets and falls in love with a boy, Kazu from Cronos, who seems to have a special connection with the monsters. Soon she realizes that the monsters aren't the only threat to humanity
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